Boston Adventures

Boston is a blast! I’m not sure if I could see myself living there, but I’m glad it’s only 90 minutes away for us to enjoy the day or an overnight on occasion.

I’ve compiled a list and links of several fun places to go and lots of tips to have a Boston On A Budget kinda day.

Boston LNE


We live in NH and enjoy heading to Boston for the day with the family. I’m always glad when hubby is leading our pack, but I have to say, I’m feeling more comfortable with my surroundings when we go there. Boston is a lot of fun and there are plenty things to do on a budget. I hope you’ll enjoy my list of fun below: 

First, I’d like to say check with your local library in your area. Even though you may not live in MA,  a lot of libraries have passes for museums and aquariums. I know at our library, we can reserve the date we want which is helpful in planning out a family day.

A list I have from the Boston Public Library :

Museum of Science: up to 4 admissions

New England Aquarium: up to 4 admissions September-June

Boston Children’s Museum: up to 1/2 off admissions

Museum of Fine Arts: $10 off per person up to 2 people

There are many other discounts offered but each MA library is different. You don’t have to live in the city of Boston to get these discounts, but you do have to live in MA. Call the libraries to see which fun places they offer discounts at. Here’s more details from the Boston Public Library. You can also reserve your passes here.

Other deals to found:

Boston Children’s Museum has $1 nights Friday from 5-9.  Here are a few other ways to save as well.

Freedom Trail: Instead of paying for the $6-$12 tour, you can easily take the self-guided tour. Get the free app for your walk to get maps, descriptions and videos.

Some of your stops along the Freedom Trail:

-Boston Common
-King’s Chapel
-Benjamin Franklin Chapel and Boston Latin School
-Old South Meeting House
-Bunker Hill Monument
-USS Constitution: you can choose to take the Harbor tour and pay $15.00 for children and $19.00 for adults or you can forget the tour and go on board for free during your Freedom Trail Tour.

Old Town Trolley Tours: When planning on getting around and if you’re there more than one day, take into account the the trolley tours offer the next day free.

Sam Adams Brewery Tour:  This is free – donations welcome

Boston Fire Museum: Saturdays they are open 11:00-6:00 and offer free admission. Donations welcome.

Harvard Student-Lead Walking Tour: Get a free hour tour of Harvard Yard

Swan Boats:  Adults $3, Children 2-13 $1.50, Seniors $2.50

Paul Revere House: Adults: $3.50, Children 5-17: $1, College students: $3

Franklin Park Zoo:  from 10-12 on every 1st Saturday of the month, adults pay kid prices for admission-$11.95 instead of $17.95

New England Aquarium:   Park yourself outside the aquarium and enjoy watching the seals swim around for free. They have a few feeding times as well, which is fun to watch.

***When we were here, there was a cart on the corner closer to the road that sold Boston sweatshirts for $20 and Boston baseball hats for $7. If you’re looking for some memorabilia, this was a great price in my book.

Rose F Kennedy Greenway:  On a hot day, roam across the way from the NE Aquarium and have fun in the fountains and sprays of water. What a way to cool down. The Greenway has many extras such as free exercise programs, art exhibits and free events put on by non-profits.

Greenway Carousel:  Rides are $3 each-a book of 10 are $25

Haymarket Farmer’s Market: A fun experience of an open air market on Fridays and Saturdays. They have discounted fruit, veggies, bread, cheese and even fish. Don’t expect the produce to be in perfect condition. You are getting an extremely low price, but note that you’ll either have to use or freeze some items within 2 days.

Quincy Market & Faneiul Hall:  Enjoy free live street performance – donations welcome, many food court vendors, restaurants such as Cheers, shops and exhibits.

Christopher Columbus Park:  The park is beautiful and is a great place for a picnic, for playing a friendly game of football, splashing in the fountain, playing on the playground and watching the boats come in.

Free Concert Series and Outdoor Movies: 

Berklee Summer In The City: Enjoy over 200 performances from Berklee’s most promising young artists. You’ll enjoy pop, jazz and more.

Summer In The City with Boston Harbor Hotel:  Sit outside the Boston Harbor Hotel along the water or join them for a drink and listen to an array of waterfront free entertainment. Choose your night, here’s what they have – Summer Soul, Rat Pack, Blues Barge and Movie Night.

All this touring may make you hungry for some North End Sweets!

Mike’s Pastry: Mike’s  is our favorite and you’ll see by the line, it’s other people’s favorite too. Have cash ready and choose  one for then and a few to take home. An average pastry price for a Canolli, Carrot Cake, Tiramisu is around $5. Remember, it’s cash only.

The great thing about all these attractions is that most of these are all within a 5-10 minute walk of each other.

Some extra tips: 

When visiting on a weekend, Sunday is usually the slower day for admission to the NE Aquarium,  Museums, etc. If it’s a 3 day weekend, Monday is quieter.

The parking in the garages is cheaper on the weekends than during the week, but do expect to still pay between $15-$25. There is free parking on Sundays and Monday holidays on the streets, but I’d suggest you get a spot before 11am or you may miss out.

Six Flags New England—An Amusement Park & Waterpark All In One!

The thrill and excitement of being scared to death on an amusement ride can’t be compared to anything else I can think of. My kids tell me not to scream so loud, but really, I can’t help it. I laugh and scream, scream and laugh and hold on for dear life!!!!

What I appreciate about Six Flags New England is that it’s not just an amusement park. They have a huge waterpark as well!

Six Flags Ad


Six Flags New England is home to world-class coasters, thrilling family rides, areas dedicated to children and the Hurricane Harbor Park. So much is packed in one great amusement park. We’ve been sharing all sorts of deals with you, great tips and superb events they’ve had this summer. Finally, we got to take the family to experience it hands on with our passes we received in exchange for sharing our experience. No doubt, we were in for the rides of our lives!!!!! 

Let me just reiterate a couple of the most important tips:

1. Plan your trip and look for the best deals. A lot of times just ordering your tickets online will save you a good amount of money.
2. Arrive at the park in time to walk through the gate when they open. We want to start on the rides before the crowds pile in.
3. Head to the thrill rides first that are farther in the back first. Most people go to the rides they see first as they walk through the door. This means those rides farthest will have much shorter lines at the beginning of the day.

We have many more tips HERE that will help make your experience a great one!


That being said, my family went to the ride they had been watching on YouTube the 2 weeks prior—The New England SkyScreamer. The tallest swing ride on the planet, was standing in front of us. It will take your breath away but they views are amazing and you’ll say to yourself over and over again, I can’t believe I was up that high!


Close by to the SkyScreamer, is the fun family ride, the Blizzard River. Totally, my speed. Great for a warm day-you will get wet. Go on and have fun! We all laughed on this ride.


The Pandemonium Rollercoaster will spin 360 degrees as you shoot around curves and tackle sudden sharp dips. You’ll laugh and scream at the same time, and then head on again as soon as you get off, at least my kiddos did.

It’s so funny when to hear everyone say, “I can’t believe I went on that ride!” and then a minute later they’re tackling another crazy thrill ride!


The next ride they went on, The Flashback, definitely has their description written perfectly. It says you leave your mind at the door for this full-body double play of high speed loops. What it doesn’t say is that you lose your mind twice, once at the door and then, again when you get to the top of the coaster and the coaster goes full speed backwards. If there was any mind left, it was left, it was absolutely left at the top of the coaster. I love this photo above. It looks like Brock is saying something like, “Okay, God, You’re with me, right?”

Our day went on like this, heading on rides such as Mind Eraser, Batman, the free fall ride called the Scream. I screamed watching them fly up and drop down.


The favorite coasters for the kids were the Goliath and the Bizarro! Okay, first of all, as the mom and picture taker person, I am the big chicken of the family. I wish I could get on all these rides, but I just can’t make that final step. I gotta ask, how can anyone who watches the Goliath, go on it after they see how insane it is? WOW!!! I’ve NEVER seen anything like it-NEVER-EVER!

Yes, the kids went on it. and more than once at that! Anyone who goes on the Goliath, most definitely can have bragging rights, for sure! You can read the description and watch the video, but it doesn’t really show how insanely crazy it is until you’re right there watching it for yourself. It’s THE THRILL RIDE!


The other favorite was the Bizarro and believe it or not, I went on it. It’s got a majestic height on the first hill up, then a few twists, some spraying mist, some spots where your stomach doesn’t reach you for awhile, oh, and you’re speed is 77 mph! It was a blast! I really don’t know how many times the kids went on this one. It’s an awesome rollercoaster on steroids, is how I’d describe it.

Three of the kids had one thing in mind heading to Six Flags New England, and that was to hit every single thrill ride, and they did! They even had a chicken tender plate and a huge chocolate milkshake in the afternoon and kept that down, surprisingly.

Camden on the other hand, preferred some milder rides and aimed for Hurricane Harbor Waterpark with Dad. I think it’s brilliant to have both parks in one amusement park.  Here there are pools, lazy rivers, rafting adventures, speed slides and so much more.

Six Flags New England was a highlight for our kids this summer! We were exhausted at the end of the day, but it was a great fun feeling. We were glad we stayed La Quinta Hotel that night rather than driving home after our full day. Staying at a partnering hotel also saves you money!  Read more tips HERE as well as upcoming events, ways to get discounts,  summer and fall hours.

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Our trip next year is going to be right when the kids get out of school. They’re already talking about a Season Pass and I think it will be worth every thrill ride there is for them!