Waterpark Fun In The White Mountains of NH

Whale’s Tale Waterpark has been named one of the best waterparks on GMA! What slides will you head down first? The speed slides, twist slides or the steep slides? 
Whales Tale Waterpark AdLocated in the beautiful White Mountain Region is  Whale’s Tale Waterpark. Your family will have a splashing good time as they streak down the the speed slides, twist through the flume slides and splash through the 360 foot tube slide.

Whale’s Tale not only has 18 slides. it also has a giant wave pool, a lazy river, a shipwrecked island, a heated activity pool shaped like a whale, hot tubs, and so much more. There’s something for everyone in your family, for all ages.

The slide that stands out most to me is their newest slide, The Poseidon’s Voyage. We’ve watched videos of people going on this slide and my stomach did flips just watching the clips. As you step in, you hear a heart beating-that’s gotta tell you something. It’s going to be a super slide for all you thrill seekers!

At the park, you can bring in your own picnic lunch (just no glass items), or you can treat yourself to one of their restaurants on site-The Porthole Pizzeria, Harborside Restaurant and the Oasis Beach Bar and Grill . Another couple of bonuses is that there is free parking, and FREE tube rentals!

Going to any amusement park on a weekend is always busier, but it does have its perks too. Every Saturday here, is The Whale’s Tale Beachside Bash at 2PM.  You’ll be entertained by live entertainers.

If you’re like me trying to avoid the crowds, Monday-Wednesdays are less populated and weather that is overcast is even better!

Get your tickets for family, check out group sales and birthday parties HERE . Make sure to follow them on Facebook for promotions, specials and updates- you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of those!

Fun At Loon Mountain Adventure Center in Lincoln, NH

We had so much fun at Loon Mountain Adventure Center! I really think you’ll like how so many activities are all in one place. There’s something for everyone here. Disclosure: We received passes here in trade for a review. All opinions are are own. 

Aerial Forest Ad

Gondola rides, bike riding, zip lining. adventures in the Aerial Forest, rock climbing, mazes and so much more is what you’ll find for summer activities at Loon Mountain.  

A couple of us went out of our comfort zone and dared to be more adventurous. Camden, who is afraid of heights, went up on the Gondola ride and went on a couple courses in the Aerial Forest.  We’ve been to a couple other courses, but this one is our favorite. We loved being in the forest rather than an open course along a road.  It surely gives you a better experience, in my opinion.

 One thing I appreciated from the bottom of my heart, was when an employee jumped on the course to encourage Camden not to give up! It wasn’t too busy, so there was that flexibility, but they did it on their own.  Once Camden got through it once, he was able to continue on another course by himself! I let these young workers know how much it meant to me and I’m glad I can include such praise in my review!

SAM_5486  This is Camden doing a little zip lining. Great job!

I actually went ziplining too across the river- I loved it! Of course I screamed, but I had a lot of people cheering for me below. :-)


 We spent a good couple hours on top of the mountain hiking and going through the caves once we got off the Gondola.  I didn’t know there was that much to do up there. There are several paths for easy and beautiful walks and then there is the path that takes you through caves.


 The kids loved it and I was happy taking the photos. There’s also a little cafe up on top and a small store selling NH products. If I had known we were going to be able to stay up there like we did,  I would have packed a picnic lunch too.


It’s just breathtaking up in the mountains! This is actually a spot where they have church services on Sunday. Who wouldn’t feel close to God here!

I had a hard time not singing the Sound of Music song, “Climb Every Mountain”, the kids kept shutting me down when I did. I just told them to head into another cave.



It was truly a beautiful day. I gotta say the Gondola ride and hike, the ziplining and the Aerial Forest were my favorite things to do with the family.

There are several packages to choose from for you and your family. A couple things you should know about that I wasn’t aware of. The Aerial Forest takes about 2 hours to do. The Gondola Ride and hiking, I’d say is at least 2 hours to do as well.  There is some rugged mountain biking that would be a 2 hour window. That being said, these things will help you decide what time to start your day here, but it will also help you decide on what package you should take.

I was very glad to be staying at the Mountain Club On Loon. After our full day of fun, we got our bodies into the pool and hot tub and finished the day off by talking about how much fun we had! It was a perfect day!

Though I touched on the more daring things to do here, there are also many other things to do too. There’s the  bungee trampoline, the rock climbing wall, the log jam maze, the spider web, and many bouncy items as well. But please, don’t think the “daring” things are for adults only. I saw children as young as 8 on the Aerial Forest Course and their site says it’s for ages 7 and up!

There are some events coming up that you may be interested.  I have several friends who are signed up for the Loon Mountain Mud Monster Mud Run that’s coming up July 12th.  There’s also Touch a Truck and NH Highland Games you’ll want to put on your calendar too.

Following them on Facebook and Twitter will keep you up to date on events, promos and things going on in the area.

I hope this gives you something else to put on your summer/fall list of things to do. I think you’ll really appreciate that everything is all in one place. Have fun and post some photos for us when you do go!

I have more fun for you in this area too! Check back tomorrow for another new post for your getaway to Lincoln, NH!

New Hampshire White Mountains: Mountain Club On Loon

What a place of beauty! Wherever you turn you see mountain ranges. A storm moved in one night and they way the sky took on the dark clouds was an amazing picture. There’s just something so calming about being in the mountains- especially with my family! This was our first time staying at the Mountain Club On Loon. It’s a family friendly place to stay with many attractions nearby. Disclosure: We received this trip in trade for a review. As always all opinions are our own and if they’re on our site, they have the our Family Stamp of Approval! 

Mountain Club On Loon

 Family vacations mean a lot to me. As my kiddos are getting older and involved in more sports and with friends, I make sure our family vacations will be a great choice for everyone. The Mountain Region is my favorite place to be in N.H. There’s something about the mountains that changes everyone’s attitude, demeanor and outlook towards life and each other. The mountain views are majestic and we have found that there’s so much to do to mesh with everyone’s budget.

This week we made our way to the  Mountain Club On Loon,  in Lincoln. We have been busy since the day we got here. As I’m writing this, I am pleasantly exhausted from the pool, sun, river, hiking,  zip lining and more with my family.

One of the things that attracted me to the  Mountain Club On Loon, besides its great names and amenities,  was the rooms! As a lot of you know, we have a big family and not everyone can accommodate us so easily. Here at Mountain Club On Loon , we were able to stay in a suite.  Bonus as always, is a  full size kitchen.  I won’t cook every meal when we’re on vacation, but I do appreciate helping the cost of our vacation with a kitchen to use.

We couldn’t have picked a better week weather wise. Our first day here, we settled in and headed to the outside pool. There are plenty of lounging chairs around the pool, there’s a small hot tub outside and there are dining tables, a  pool side bar and menu as well.  The indoor lap pool is just off the hot tub area. (Camden, my 11 year old,  is sitting next to me as I’m writing this. He wants me to make sure I tell you the pools are GREAT!) :-) Who wouldn’t enjoy swimming and sitting by the pool with this kinda of view! It’s easy to stay there all day and it’s a treat getting lunch by the pool and kid friendly afternoon drinks for the kids!

Mountain club pool

 My son’s birthday was during our stay, and for his birthday breakfast we made sure we went to the breakfast buffet at Seasons Restaurant, located in the resort. I’m not too keen on buffets, but this one was a thumbs up! Not only do they have their everyday buffet of eggs, pancakes, bacon, fruit pastries and much more, they also had specials on the buffet. The specials during our breakfast were Blueberry Bread Pudding and an egg special too. Delicious!  The price per person was surprisingly lower than what I would have guessed and they had $5 off coupons they offered at check in as well.

While we stayed here, we also ordered from their other restaurant, The Black Diamond Pub. The prices again were very reasonable. I have been to resort restaurants and left because the prices were much too high. Not the case here. My husband and son also claim that The Black Diamond Pub has the best wings they have had yet!

Collage buffet

 Other amenities available are a health club, spa, aracade, kids 12 and under ride for free on the Gondola and much more!

 The Mountain Club On Loon has different rates depending on when you’re vacationing, what type room you need and they also have some great packages! Give them a call to see what would be best for you and your family this summer!

When you’re looking for fun things to do while your’re vacationing here,  you don’t have to go far if you don’t want to. Right at the base of the resort you can experience Zip Lining, Bungee Trampolines, Gondola rides…..There’s so many fun and adventurous choices. I gotta tell you, I went zip lining for the first time ever and it was over a river. What  thrill! I absolutely loved it!!!!  Read about our adventures at the Loon Mountain Adventure Center. It’s a vacation spot, all in one spot!