Fun At Loon Mountain Adventure Center in Lincoln, NH

We had so much fun at Loon Mountain Adventure Center! I really think you’ll like how so many activities are all in one place. There’s something for everyone here. Disclosure: We received passes here in trade for a review. All opinions are are own. 

Aerial Forest Ad

Gondola rides, bike riding, zip lining. adventures in the Aerial Forest, rock climbing, mazes and so much more is what you’ll find for summer activities at Loon Mountain.  

A couple of us went out of our comfort zone and dared to be more adventurous. Camden, who is afraid of heights, went up on the Gondola ride and went on a couple courses in the Aerial Forest.  We’ve been to a couple other courses, but this one is our favorite. We loved being in the forest rather than an open course along a road.  It surely gives you a better experience, in my opinion.

 One thing I appreciated from the bottom of my heart, was when an employee jumped on the course to encourage Camden not to give up! It wasn’t too busy, so there was that flexibility, but they did it on their own.  Once Camden got through it once, he was able to continue on another course by himself! I let these young workers know how much it meant to me and I’m glad I can include such praise in my review!

SAM_5486  This is Camden doing a little zip lining. Great job!

I actually went ziplining too across the river- I loved it! Of course I screamed, but I had a lot of people cheering for me below. :-)


 We spent a good couple hours on top of the mountain hiking and going through the caves once we got off the Gondola.  I didn’t know there was that much to do up there. There are several paths for easy and beautiful walks and then there is the path that takes you through caves.


 The kids loved it and I was happy taking the photos. There’s also a little cafe up on top and a small store selling NH products. If I had known we were going to be able to stay up there like we did,  I would have packed a picnic lunch too.


It’s just breathtaking up in the mountains! This is actually a spot where they have church services on Sunday. Who wouldn’t feel close to God here!

I had a hard time not singing the Sound of Music song, “Climb Every Mountain”, the kids kept shutting me down when I did. I just told them to head into another cave.



It was truly a beautiful day. I gotta say the Gondola ride and hike, the ziplining and the Aerial Forest were my favorite things to do with the family.

There are several packages to choose from for you and your family. A couple things you should know about that I wasn’t aware of. The Aerial Forest takes about 2 hours to do. The Gondola Ride and hiking, I’d say is at least 2 hours to do as well.  There is some rugged mountain biking that would be a 2 hour window. That being said, these things will help you decide what time to start your day here, but it will also help you decide on what package you should take.

I was very glad to be staying at the Mountain Club On Loon. After our full day of fun, we got our bodies into the pool and hot tub and finished the day off by talking about how much fun we had! It was a perfect day!

Though I touched on the more daring things to do here, there are also many other things to do too. There’s the  bungee trampoline, the rock climbing wall, the log jam maze, the spider web, and many bouncy items as well. But please, don’t think the “daring” things are for adults only. I saw children as young as 8 on the Aerial Forest Course and their site says it’s for ages 7 and up!

There are some events coming up that you may be interested.  I have several friends who are signed up for the Loon Mountain Mud Monster Mud Run that’s coming up July 12th.  There’s also Touch a Truck and NH Highland Games you’ll want to put on your calendar too.

Following them on Facebook and Twitter will keep you up to date on events, promos and things going on in the area.

I hope this gives you something else to put on your summer/fall list of things to do. I think you’ll really appreciate that everything is all in one place. Have fun and post some photos for us when you do go!

I have more fun for you in this area too! Check back tomorrow for another new post for your getaway to Lincoln, NH!